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Our Five Favourite Winter Skin Saviours

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

Now that the cooler weather has well and truly set in, our skin is starting to show the signs – dry, flaky skin, redness, chapped lips and eczema flare ups come part and parcel with the drop-in temperature.  The skin will produce 10% less oil for each degree drop in temperature which explains why we need to take some additional action when it comes to our skincare routine. We have hand-picked a few of our favourite winter skincare saviours to ensure that your skin is kept silky and hydrated throughout winter. 

Why We Love It
Our favourite skin rescue remedy, this Mousse is designed to hydrate, repair and purify the skin overnight. This sleeping mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We have included the master skin hydrator, Aloe Vera gel in this mousse along with Snowflower Seed Oil and Avocado Oil to nourish and brighten. Pink Clay and Zeolite gently purify the skin. Simply apply a thick layer of this pink fluffy mousse before bed time and dream away dull and stressed skin.
Why You Need It
This sleep mask is for you if you are:
- Suffering from dull or stressed skin
- Have been experiencing patches of dry and red skin
- Are prone to an oily T-zone or hormonal acne break outs

Why We Love It
This oil contains a cocktail of antioxidant and collagen boosting nutrients which are a treat for dehydrated skin.  The blend of Jojoba, Turkish Delight Seed and Coconut Oil in this body oil makes it abundant in vitamin A and E, nutrients which are essential in nourishing the skin’s protective barrier as well as maintaining skin elasticity and boosting collagen production. So not only does this oil provide ultra-protection against the cold elements, it also combats stretch marks and firms the skin. The addition of Chamomile and Watermelon Seed Oil calms and protects the skin to reduce the incidence of eczema, rashes and dry/itchy skin.
Why You Need It
This lush body oil is perfect if you have:
- Dry scaly lizard looking skin on your legs or arms
- Prone to itchiness or eczema on your body
- Stretch marks or a concern about stretch marks (this oil is perfect on pregnant bellies!)

Why We Love It
The No.5 White Chai Digestif blend is our favourite winter comfort drink. We love this one brewed on the stove top with a touch of stevia, coconut or almond milk and sprinkled with cinnamon dust. Not only do the aromatic herbs and spices in this blend (Clove, Star Anise, Cardamom, Cinnamon) fire digestive juices, the herbs also assist in beating the bloat which comes with a slightly more sluggish digestive system in the winter time. And of course it keeps us away from sweet indulgences which come hand in hand with winter nights in.

Why You Need It
This tea blend is perfect if you:
- Have a tendency to bloating, reflux or indigestion;
- Reach for comfort foods when the cold weather hits;
- Need a warming and soothing drink to replace coffee or hot chocolate. 

Why We Love It

This luxurious eye balm provides a gold rush to the eyes, reducing puffiness and smoothing and rejuvenating the area to reduce and prevent fine lines which are more prone to developing with dryer skin in the winter months. Containing real gold leaf, which is an age old beauty secret of the Geisha to bring a beautiful glow to the skin, this eye balm is your weapon against dull under eye skin. Edible gold leaf imparts radiance, enhances de-puffing and smoothing of the eye area. With Coffee Extract, Cucumber and Horsetail Extract plus a plethora of antioxidant botanicals including Blueberry Oil, Linden Flower and Passionflower, your eyes will be de-puffed, radiant and hydrate.

Why You Need It
This luxurious product is perfect if you:
- Often wake up with puffy eyes or have dark circles
- Want to smooth fine lines in the eye area and help prevent them from forming
- Want radiant, bright and hydrated under eye skin

Why We Love It

This natural rice grain face polish gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cell allowing your radiant and flawless skin to shine through. It's ideal for buffing away the superficial dry, dull winter skin layers to reveal a bright complexion beneath. The gentle exfoliant naturally stimulates the skins cell turnover, promoting radiance. It also contains Camellia Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter to ensure the skin is not stripped of it's natural oil balance and remains ultra hydrated, smooth and supple. Bonus: the deliciously refreshing scent of Desert Lime will send you to heaven when you use it!

Why You Need It
This natural exfoliant is perfect if you:
- Have dry, dull or flakey skin
- Want to exfoliate your face without stripping it of moisture
- Are looking to support cell turnover and collagen production for radiant, youthful skin
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