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Gut Replenish Powder

Why You Need Gut Health Powder


A delicious all-in-one 100% plant-based digestive supplement delivering an essential blend of gut-restoring nutrients that work to balance and replenish your inner microbiome. Just a tablespoon a day of this choc-banana flavoured powder will supercharge your beauty and wellbeing.

Your gut microbiome lies at the core of your health – from the radiance of your skin and the strength of your immune system, to the health of your digestive system and balance of your hormones and mood. Gut Replenish contains polyphenol rich superfoods, resistant starch, algae and fruits and spices traditionally used to assist in modulating your gut bacteria ratios, supporting gut microbiota diversity and the normal healthy functioning of digestive enzymes, balancing microbial overgrowth and supporting the body’s natural repair processes.



Key Ingredient Actions

  • Polyphenol-rich Superfoods, including Cacao, Carob, Berry and Grape Seed Extracts support a healthy and diverse microbiome.
  • Green Banana Powder is a resistant starch abundant in prebiotics which work to nourish beneficial gut bacteria and support your immune system by promoting a healthy microbiome.
  • Have been traditionally used to support healthy gut flora.
  • Red Marine Algae provides a source of calcium, contributing to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • Turmeric has been eaten traditionally as a digestive aid whilst Licorice Root has been used to soothe the gut.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, known as Fossil Shell Flour, may assist in cleansing the digestive system by gently supporting the removal of toxins and impurities.
As well as being backed by science, Gut Replenish Powder is also a delicious all-in-one digestive health blend, which makes it easy and enjoyable to take care of your microbiome. It works with your lifestyle and digestive system, not against it, to restore optimal gut health, bringing with it a boost in vitality, mood and inside-out beauty.
Discover the difference that Edible Beauty’s Gut Replenish Powder can make!


Our Gut Replenish Protocol is a digestive wellness guide full of everything you need to know to starve off unfriendly gut bacteria, improve your balance of good bacteria, encourage good bacteria to flourish, and repair and seal your gut lining. It includes naturopathic knowledge, ‘10 steps to glowing skin via a healthy gut in 30 days’ program and our favourite Gut Replenish recipes.

You will be sent your complimentary copy after you purchase our Gut Replenish Powder.

Gut Replenish Powder - Edible Beauty Australia

Gut Replenish Powder

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