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Vegan Plant-based Collagen Powder

Edible Beauty Australia Native Collagen powder contains antioxidant rich botanicals to support healthy collagen production, protect cells from free radical damage and support normal connective tissue structure and function.

  • Vitamin C. One serve of Native Collagen Powder provides over four times the recommended dose of Vitamin C. Kakadu Plum, Sea Buckthorn Juice and Macqui Berry found in the powder naturally contribute to this abundance of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A. Native Collagen Powder provides pro-vitamin A (in the form of mixed carotenoids) to support skin membrane structure and function. Vitamin A rich Macqui Berry features in our native plant collagen powder.
  • Anthoycanins. Macqui berry, Hibiscus and Mountain Pepper Berry found in our vegan collagen powder contain an abundance of anthocyanins to stabilise collagen and reduce free radical damage which inhibits collagen production.
  • Antioxidants. Our Native Collagen Powder contains antioxidant rich fruit powders including Hibiscus, Baobab, Kakadu Plum, Macqui Berry and Sea buckthorn berry. This synergy of these potent botanicals provides an abundance of antioxidants including flavonoids and polyphenols in addition to anthocyanins that act as free radical scavengers to prevent the breakdown of collagen from intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
  • Amino Acids. Baobab and Sea buckthorn contain the free amino acids proline and glycine. Protein and glycine are essential for healthy collagen production.
  • The addition of Aloe Vera in our Native Collagen Powder, increases the bio-availability of Vitamin C and E and has been used for centuries to improve the health of ageing skin.

Discover the difference that Edible Beauty’s plant-based collagen powder can make!

Native Plant-based Collagen Powder-Edible Beauty Australia

Native Plant-based Collagen Powder

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