10 ways to detoxify your body naturally

Every day we are becoming increasingly exposed to various chemicals and toxins in our environment - from the foods we eat and the air we breathe to the products we use on our skin and in our homes. Our bodies absorb these chemicals and toxins, which can build up in our organs and impair their natural function. 

A natural detox is designed to support your body’s natural detoxification system and restore your health and vitality! There is a massive misconception that detoxing must involve a lot of green juices and fasting, however, this is not the case! Below, we give you 10 ways you can detoxify your body naturally to support your body in removing waste and harmful toxins. Each of these tips can be employed into day to day life to support your organs and promote ultimate health and vitality! 


1.    Eat the right foods: 

The first and most important method of detoxification is ensuring you are providing your body with nutritious and liver loving foods. 

Stacking your plate with cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, Kale, Bok Choy and Radishes will give you copious servings of vitamins (such as Vitamins K, A and D), minerals, fibre and phytonutrients (plant-based compounds with anti-inflammatory properties). 

Bitter greens such as Rocket, Spinach and Arugula aid in digestion and the removal of waste from the organs and blood. Bitter foods also activate the liver to support its natural detoxifying functions. 

Ensure you are getting enough fibre in your diet. There are 3 types of fibre, which all have different functions and are important for digestive health and regular bowel movements: 

  • Soluble fibre - helps you feel fuller, lowers cholesterol and stabilises blood glucose levels. Soluble fibre is found in fruits, veggies, oats and legumes. 
  • Insoluble fibre - supports healthy bowel function. Insoluble fibre is found in wholegrain bread, cereal, nuts and seeds. 
  • Resistant starch - assists in the production of good bacteria and supports healthy bowel function. Resistant starch is found in potato, rice, undercooked pasta and under-ripe bananas[i]

Foods such as red peppers, oranges, grapefruits, broccoli and strawberries are all potent sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body produce glutathione, which is a compound in the liver that helps remove toxins. 

Ensure you are consuming protein. Protein contains amino acids which are critical to the body’s “Phase 2” detoxification process. It ensures that toxins are being broken down, made water soluble and easily excreted from the body.

For more detoxifying foods read our blog post “10 Foods to Detoxify Your Body Naturally”


2.    Avoid sugar and processed foods 

High sugar intake has been associated with diseases such as heart disease and fatty liver disease[ii]. Such diseases hinder your organs ability to naturally detoxify itself and can harm organs that play key roles in waste and toxin removal such as the kidney and liver[iii]. Opt for whole foods rather than packaged and processed foods which may contain artificial colours and additives and high levels of trans and saturated fats, gluten, and sugar.

Apple Cider Vinegar has many benefits for detoxification, including its ability to slow the absorption of sugars into the system[iv].  Studies have shown that ACV can noticeably improve blood sugar and insulin levels for those with type 2 diabetes[v]. You can add ACV into your daily diet by adding 1tbsp into your salad dressings, or 1tsp into your favourite green smoothie. 


3.    Replenish your gut 

Our gut contains over 100trillion microorganisms which have a major impact on human health. These microbiotas are important sources of metabolites, hormones and neuro-mediators that regulate gut function and modulate the function of other organs such as the liver, brain and kidney[vi]. The health of the gut is intricately linked with the health of the liver. When the guts bacterial ecosystem is upset it results in “dysbiosis”. This is an imbalance of the species of microbes in your gut which occurs when Firmicutes outnumber Bacteroidetes. The result is everything from decreased immunity, sluggish metabolism, a decrease in synthesis of feel-good hormone serotonin, along with an increase in inflammation, allergies, and an imbalance of hormones. An overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast and fungi fed by processed and sugary foods along with a lack of fibre results in a build-up of toxins in the gut. This ultimately leads to increased load on the liver and a reduction of hormone and debris clearance which ultimately results in toxins leaking through into the skin, which manifests as skin eruptions and breakouts.

The Edible Beauty Gut Replenish contains polyphenol rich superfoods, resistant starch, algae and fruits and spices traditionally used to assist in modulating your gut bacteria ratios, supporting gut microbiota diversity and the normal healthy functioning of digestive enzymes, balancing microbial overgrowth and supporting the body’s natural repair processes. 

Other ways to take care of your gut microbiome is to: 

  • Eat polyphenol-rich foods such as berries, cinnamon, nuts and seeds. 
  • Ensure you are getting enough fibre. We recommend Flaxseed Meal, Oats and Chia Seeds as good fibre sources. 
  • Include fermented foods in your diet such as Tempeh, Kim Chi and Coconut Yoghurt. 


4.    Increase your antioxidant intake

Antioxidants are really important as they protect your cells against oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals have been implicated in many health conditions such as dementia, heart disease, liver disease and asthma[vii]. Increasing your antioxidant intake will boost your body’s ability to combat free radical damage. Foods such as berries, nuts, vegetables, spices and green tea contain an abundance of antioxidants, including Vitamins A, C and E. 

The Edible Beauty Native Collagen Powder contains antioxidant-rich fruit powders including Hibiscus, Baobab, Kakadu Plum, Macqui Berry and Sea buckthorn berry. This synergy of these potent botanicals provides an abundance of antioxidants including flavonoids and polyphenols in addition to anthocyanins that act as free radical scavengers to prevent the breakdown of collagen from intrinsic and extrinsic factors.


5.    Support your liver 

A lot of people often associate the word “detox” with the liver, and for good reason. The liver is the detoxifying powerhouse of the body! It is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body, regulating hormones, aiding in digestion and metabolising proteins and fats. If your liver is overworked or sluggish, you’ll start to notice the effects this has on your health and in particular your complexion. 

Our Inner Essentials - Skin + Liver Cleanse Tablets contains liver loving ingredients such as Turmeric, Burdock Root, Echinacea and Turmeric Root to activate your liver and stimulate the ability to clear toxic waste from the body and balance hormones. Not only will your liver be supported in performing its natural functions, but your skin will be clearer, brighter and balanced as well! 

6.    Switch to natural beauty products

Our personal care products are responsible for a large dose of the toxins we are exposed to daily. We can on average absorb over 500 chemicals daily just from our beauty products. These toxins bioaccumulate in our fat cells and place a significant load on the liver. Switching to natural, “edible” products is a fantastic way to lighten the body’s toxin load. 


7.    Keep Hydrated (and avoid caffeine) 

Staying hydrated is extremely important for detoxification as water aids in the transportation of waste and toxins from the body in the form of urea and carbon dioxide through urination, breathing and sweating[viii]. The recommended dietary fluid intake for women over the age of 29 is 2.1L, or 8 cups[ix]. You can add lemon juice and chlorophyll to improve hydration. Non-caffeinated, herbal tea like our No.4 Golden Glow Tea is another great option.

Avoiding caffeinated drinks will prevent loss of hydration. Caffeine is known as a diuretic, meaning it causes the body to lose water through urine by increasing blood flow to the kidneys[x]. Other dehydrators to avoid include alcohol, high-sodium foods and processed meats. 


8.    Dry skin brushing

The lymphatic system is responsible for catching waste from cells, environmental toxins, and pathogenic organisms[xi]. The lymphatic system relies on muscle motion to improve circulation, therefore regular dry brushing can be used to stimulate its function. 

The accumulation of dead skin cells on the body prevents the skin from being able to effectively remove toxins. Dry brushing can be used to exfoliate the skin and rid it of dead skin cells. 

Before showering, gently scrub the skin in an upwards, circular motion with a firm bristled brush for 5-10 minutes. Wash away the dead skin cells in the shower, and follow with a nourishing moisturiser such as our & Velvet Coffee Body Butter.

Our & Desert Lime Flawless Micro-Exfoliant contains natural microbeads of rice to dissolve old skin cells and debris and enhance the skin's natural cell turnover. Massaging the exfoliant into dry skin can also aid in stimulating the lymphatic system and promoting circulation. 


9.    Sweating

Sweat is the most important elimination routine for toxins, and it is said that the skin is responsible for eliminating 30% of the body’s waste. Sweating it out in a sauna or during regular exercise will help to encourage detoxification through sweat. It is important to shower after the sauna or exercise to remove the sweat from the body and prevent the excreted toxins from absorbing back into the skin. 


10. Get a good night's sleep 

Sleep allows your body to rejuvenate and reset. Lack of sleep can run down your body and hinder your organs from performing their natural functions and eliminating waste and toxins from the body.  Sleeping is vital for clearing the brain of protein waste, which may cause neurodegeneration. 

A good night's sleep starts with your nighttime routine. It is important to wind down at least an hour before bed time to ensure your mind is relaxed and is able to settle into a deep sleep. Stepping away from technology (such as your phone or television) and doing something relaxing such as meditating, reading or taking a bath can help you prepare for a good night's sleep. Drinking herbal teas such as our No.3 Sleeping Beauty Tea which contains Passionflower, Chamomile and Skullcap, which are three key herbs for combating stress and promoting a good night's sleep. 


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