Natural Hand Sanitiser with Colloidal Silver

Natural Hand Sanitiser with Colloidal Silver


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    Natural — Long lasting — Proven protection from germs

    This advanced, natural hand sanitiser is long lasting and effective at killing germs fast – without stripping your hands of moisture. Our protective mist formula uses anti-microbial colloidal silver, which leaves a barrier of particles that continue to work after your hands are dry.

    Family-friendly, eco-friendly and cruelty-free, this hand sanitiser is proven for every-day use to help keep germs at bay – giving you peace of mind.

    This mist contains 70% ethanol. Ethanol is a natural disinfectant that does no harm when absorbed into your skin or ecosystem.

    This product also works as an antimicrobial spray on surfaces like your phone, desk or benchtop to provide a lasting shield of protection.

    Winner of the Beauty Shortlist, Mama & Baby Awards, 2020

    Beauty Benefits

    Lightweight and fast drying, this mist will leave your hands clean without stripping them of moisture. The floral lavender and tea tree oil scent provide a fresh and subtle fragrance.

  • Botanical Actives

    Colloidal Silver  The Colloidal Silver used in our hand sanitiser is pure .9999 fine silver particles. These are the smallest size ever produced suspended in de-ionised water. Even after washing the hand sanitiser off, colloidal silver remains on the surface of your hands and continues to continue to protect.

    Tea Tree Essential Oil  Tea Tree Essential Oil is steam distilled from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia (Myrtaceae). It is known for antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions. It has also been shown to possess wound healing abilities and can soothe dry, red or irritated skin

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil Eucalyptus Oil derived from the leaves and stems of the eucalyptus plant has been traditionally used as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. The leaf extract is reported to possess antifungal, antibacterial, mosquito repellent and antioxidant properties. Clinical studies of the oil found it has antimicrobial activity against gram negative bacteria (E. coli) as well as gram positive bacteria (S. aureus).

    Lavender Essential Oil  The Lavender Essential Oil used in our hand sanitiser is extracted from the species Lavandula x intermedia. In addition to its exceptional deep, floral scent, the oil has been shown to have impressive antimicrobial properties. In fact, it’s been used since World War I as an antibacterial. The specific constituents of lavender oil – linalool and linalyl acetate along with limonene, α-pinene and β-pinene – have antimicrobial activity against various strains of human pathogenic bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. The oil is also traditionally believed to have sedative, carminative, anti-depressive and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Application & ingredients


    Apply to one palm before rubbing your hands together, spreading the spray over the front and back of your hands including your fingers until completely dry. This process should take 20 seconds. Designed to be used several times a day when water and soap are not available. Follow with Precious Sea Hand Saviour for extra nourishment. This sanitiser also works as an antimicrobial spray on any surface to provide a lasting shield of protection.


    Ethanol*, Purified Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Colloidal Silver, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Glycerin.

    *Ethanol is a natural disinfectant that does no harm when absorbed into your skin or ecosystem

    We batch make all of our natural skincare and use pure Australian wildcrafted extracts that may differ in colour and texture based on season and region they are harvested from.

    As a result, this product may vary in colour, texture and fragrance from batch to batch. This does not impact the efficacy of the product and each contains the same amount of active ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
M Croak
Love it

This hand sanitiser smells great, and seems to work well

Hi M.C, I hope you are well! Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so glad to hear you are enjoying your Natural Hand Sanitiser. Warm regards, the Edible Beauty team.

Jan Paulke
Safe Sanitiser

Good to find a sanitiser that is safe to use.
The bottle is a good size .. the product doesn’t leave a sticky residue.. it has a pleasant smell…and is well priced.
I love the fact that it contains colloidal silver .

Hi Jan, I hope you are well! Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so glad you are enjoying your Natural Hand Sanitiser. Warm regards, the Edible Beauty Team.

Glenys Brown
Nice to use

I found this hand sanitizer works well and has a pleasant smell.

Samantha Bradley
Staple in our house

This hand sanitiser is the best on the market, smells great, doesn't dry out your hands but still effective at killing nasties. I've lost count how many bottles we have purchased and I wouldn't use any other brand

Daniela Papalia
Fantastic Sanitiser

Great sanitiser with a gentle scent and perfect to fit in your handbag.

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  • Is it glass or plastic, thanks

    The bottle is plastic and recycable. The lid is also plastic and can be recycled through our Terracycle recycling program.