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Natural Beauty Tea

Cheers to sipping away stress, drinking in youthful radiance
and saying farewell to skin impurities.

Our ingestible beauty supplements have been carefully crafted with your beauty in mind. Our Beauty Teas are not only a sensory delightful to be enjoyed, each cup of natural beauty tea contains medicinal herbs with therapeutic effects designed to support your beauty and wellbeing. There is a Beauty Tea for every beauty and wellness goal, whether it be natural collagen support, detoxification, a glowing complexion, improved sleep or anti-ageing actions. The Beauty Tea range are a delicious and easy way to incorporate beauty supplements into your life to enhance your glow, from the inside out.

The Edible Beauty Australia tea range includes herbs, which are:

  • Pure We only use therapeutic grade herbs. Our tisanes are 100% pure tea and approximately 95% organic, with herbs that reduce internal purities and help you cleanse.
  • Botanical We don’t make products just because they sound or taste good. We are stewards of traditional herbal knowledge and our unique tea combinations use herbs that are evidence based, and that have been helping people improve their health and glow for centuries.
  • Wildcrafted Embracing nature. Where possible, the teas in our herbal range have been grown wild or close to nature, without any human intervention. This ensures their beauty-enhancing properties are kept intact.


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