8 Tips for naturally pink and plump lips


One of the biggest beauty trends of 2024 has definitely been beautifully pink, plump lips! The good news is that achieving a dewy pink pout can be achieved naturally with a few easy at-home remedies!

Below are our top 8 tips to achieving healthy pink lips, naturally.

1.  Use a natural sugar scrub

When lips are dry and dehydrated, they can often look dull and flaky. Gently exfoliating your lips regularly to remove dead skin cells and encourage blood flow to the lips will give you those soft, pink lips you’re after!

Our go-to sugar scrub is Edible Beauty’s Sweet & Juicy Lip Scrub. This all-natural scrub uses organic sugar to gently and effectively buff away dry, flaky skin from the lips, whilst omega-rich Shea Butter, Avocado and Jojoba provide a burst of hydration and smoothing action, unveiling a long-lasting, ultra-juicy and supple pout.

Sweet & Juicy Lip Scrub - Edible Beauty Australia

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2.  Apply sunscreen

Using sunscreen to protect your lips is so important, all year round! Our lips cannot create melanin, which is what gives our skin pigment and protects us from the sun. Look out for a lip balm with at least SPF15, or opt for a sunscreen that is safe for the whole body and face.

Our Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen provides SPF50 protection, and is 100% natural, so it is safe to apply to the face and lips! Basking Beauty is enriched with Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil to nourish the lip and provide a deep hydration boost.

3.  Keep your lips moisturised

Dry lips can look dull and lacklustre, so ensuring your lips are hydrated at all times is important for maintaining that healthy pink flush. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of the body, so it is important to use natural lip balms and oils that are free of any nasty chemicals and toxins that may cause irritation.

Edible Beauty’s & Goddess On The Go Lip Balm combines an edible cocktail of intensely hydrating oils including Avocado, Rosehip and Camellia Seed Oil – the ultimate treat for dry, chapped, and flaky lips. Designed to melt on the lips for lasting hydration and moisture replenishment, this balm also helps to protect lips from the harsh elements, preventing cracks, flakes and irritation. Its subtle vanilla flavour and silky-smooth texture will keep you coming back for more. 

& Goddess on the Go Lip Balm - Edible Beauty Australia

The result? A smooth, plump, and juicy pout! 

Juicy Lips Duo - Edible Beauty Australia

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4.  Hydrate on the inside

One of the first places to show visible signs of dehydration is the lips! The simplest way to achieve naturally pink and healthy lips is to hydrate from the inside-out by ensuring you are getting your 2 litres of water a day and loading up on water-dense foods such as watermelon, grapefruit and cucumber!

5.  Apply Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has been shown to aid in skin cell regeneration and boosting circulation to the skin, and when applied to the lips will help to achieve a natural pink flush.

Our Goddess on the Go Lip Balm contains Prickly Pear Seed and Avocado Oil, which are abundant in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and antioxidants to deeply hydrate and nourish dry, dull lips, whilst protecting the lips against the elements. 


6.  Prime your lips before lipstick

Lipsticks and lip liners can be extremely drying. Apply a balm or oil before your lipstick as a primer, to keep your lips moisturised and prevent them from becoming dry and dull.

7.  Avoid toxins and chemicals

Pink lips are a sign of health and hydration. Chemicals and toxins such as petroleum and parabens found in lipsticks and other lip products are easily absorbed into the thin skin on the lips, and can seriously dry out the lips.

Using natural products will ensure your lips stay healthy and hydrated, and maintain their natural pink hue. Instead of chemical-laden lipsticks to add colour to your lips, opt for a product with natural ingredients, or, try pomegranate or beetroot juice. Dab a small amount of the juice onto your lips for a lovely pink hue, without the drying effects of chemical lipsticks.


8.  Eat your way to a pink pout

What you put in your body directly reflects on the outside! There are a few foods you can eat that will boost the appearance of your lips for a healthy pink pout.

Tomato - Tomatoes contain a compound known as Selenium, which has been shown to protect the skin from oxidative stress and UV damage. 

Coconut – Coconut is wonderful for hydrating from the inside and out. Adding coconut water to your favourite smoothie is a great way to hydrate from the inside. Coconut oil can be applied directly to the lips to nourish the lips from the outside. 

Green tea – is abundant in polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps to prevent sun damage and ageing. 

Aloe Vera – contains the flavonoid aloesin, which has been proven to control pigmentation, which can help to maintain the natural pink hue of your lips. We love drinking Aloe Vera juice or adding it to our morning smoothie for its abundance of beauty-boosting Vitamins and Minerals, and extra hydration!

Lemon – is wonderful for stimulating the livers natural detoxification process, which in turn gives the skin and lips a luminous healthy glow. Lemon also works as a gentle exfoliant and can be mixed with sugar and honey for a DIY lip scrub.  

Watermelon – is made up of 97% water. Including water-dense foods in your diet is a great way to boost hydration from the inside out, to promote soft, pink lips


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Daisy Thompson

BComm&Media (MktgComm)

Daisy has a Bachelor in Communications and Media (Marketing) and brings a love for all things make-up and beauty to the Edible Beauty team. With qualifications in both Marketing along with Makeup Artistry, Daisy has a strong passion for natural beauty products and has spent many years experimenting with makeup and skincare. She believes that good, healthy skin is the ideal canvas for makeup, and to achieve this you must look after your skin from the inside – and out. Daisy has experimented with natural skin remedies throughout her teen years to improve skin conditions such as eczema and hormonal skin issues and has developed a strong belief in the power of botanical actives. 

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  • Thank you so much for putting up such a useful & informative blog post about how pink & plump lips can be easily achieved.

    Shubham Moghe on May 16, 2024

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