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Golden Beauty Principles

“Our radiance and vitality is a direct reflection of everything we put on and into our bodies. Nourish your beauty from the inside out and watch your body, mind and soul bloom.”

We are all beautiful.
Beauty comes in different forms for everyone. Revel in your beauty routine, enjoy luxurious body products and nourish your body both inside and out – but don’t let your skin care products and make up define you or your beauty. Beauty really does come from within.

We cannot achieve optimal vitality and health unless there is harmony of the mind, body and spirit as well as the environment surrounding us. When you nourish your body and skin with real food, nurture your soul, you will shine and radiate both inside and out.

Scientific evidence blended with traditional wisdom.
Edible Beauty Australia combines the evidence provided by naturopathic traditions with modern nutritional science, anti-ageing research and the most up to date dermatological findings.

Altruism in action.
We believe a true measure for success in life is the level of compassion and comparing that is expressed by treating other people and our Earth with loving kindness and graciously giving of ourselves and our resources. This is the most important principle which underpins our decisions and actions in life.

Eco-conscious ethics.
Giving back to the Earth is a way of life for us. We take care to conserve energy where possible. We use no harsh chemicals in our products during manufacturing or in cleaning products, and use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Integrity packaging.
Our products are packaged in recyclable dark violet glass made in Switzerland. This glass is unique in its ability to preserve the integrity of natural products and extend their shelf-life.

Do you want luminous and vibrant skin using pure, botanical skincare?

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