This is How to Exercise for Glowing Skin

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We all know that exercise is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But, were you aware that there are ways you can exercise for skin that glows? At Edible Beauty, we're not just passionate about making you shine with pure skincare and beauty teas... We want to boost your overall health for a true inside-out radiance.

Exercising for glowing skin the right way

Whether you're hitting a treadmill or heading to an aerobics class, cardiovascular exercise of any kind increases blood flow. As your heart starts to pump faster, it delivers oxygen rapidly to all of your organs, including your skin.

Extra oxygen delivery isn't just crucial for keeping your skin healthy; it combats the free radicals you produce after coming into contact with pollution. Whether you live in a rural area or a city setting, your skin encounters pollutants. Without the right amount of oxygen and antioxidants, your skin and overall complexion can start to look old before its time.

Exercising for glowing skin using cardiovascular techniques isn't the only way you can attain a youthful look. By transforming your skin using natural skincare products, you battle antioxidants from the outside too. Aim for lots of botanical ingredients, which enrich your skin with substances that nourish and regenerate it.

If you do choose cardiovascular exercise, complement the process with adequate hydration. Failing to up your H2O intake after a heavy workout impacts your skin's elasticity, leaving it looking dry and unhappy. Similarly, drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of electrolyte imbalances, which may reduce the amount of skin-plumping collagen you should produce naturally.

Exercise for beautiful skin using yoga and relaxation

Exercise for skin doesn't have to involve sweating and making your heart pump. When you turn to gentler methods, such as yoga, you can induce a sense of relaxation that benefits your body's biggest organ.

When you're experiencing a lot of stress, the cortisol your body releases begins to break down elastin and collagen. Both elastin and collagen are vital for those who want plump and youthful looking skin. As such, you need to take steps towards reducing its presence in your body. Similarly, cortisol increases the number of sex hormones you produce; especially testosterone. This applies to both men and women, and will lead to an increase in sebum production that makes blemishes more common.

One way to do this is through yoga. As a useful exercise for skin, it's also a practice that strengthens your bones, enhances your muscle strength, and improves your mental wellbeing. Seeing as relaxation is the aim of the game - while you're formulating your anti-stress workout routine for skin, you can complement the process with our natural beauty tea. Featuring agents that make you feel calmer, it's ideal for those post-yoga moments.

If engaging in yoga every day isn't appealing, try incorporating brief periods of mindfulness and meditation into your morning routine. As prophylactic means of reducing stress, they too will lower your cortisol levels, leading to a healthier glow. Better still, they're great for enhancing dopamine production, which means focusing on daily tasks becomes easier.

Other ways to exercise for healthy skin

At Edible Beauty, we know that you enjoy variety as much as we do. Because of this, we want to open you up to the many ways you can exercise for healthy skin.


Strength training and muscle building

Without the bones and muscles that rest beneath it, your skin is nothing more than a loose organ. One of the easiest ways to exercise for healthy skin and see other aesthetic benefits is to try strength training and muscle building. Weight lifting, HiiT, and other activities that encourage your muscles to develop also increase your bone density. Over time, most people see a natural reduction in bone density. As such, working against it is a good way to ensure your skin is less likely to encounter cellulite and laxity.

Cycling outdoors

Cycling is another one of those cardiovascular activities that increases blood flow to your skin. After dropping off the oxygen molecules that make it look healthier, it will pick up toxins and carbon dioxide that lead to tiredness. One of the key benefits of doing this is slowing the ageing process. Another is reducing the chance of early pigmentation problems. If you want to boost your cycling efforts to achieve an even skin tone, try using one of our natural brightening creams. As for the outdoor element, you'll expose yourself to Vitamin D. As well as reducing stress and building bone strength, Vitamin D enhances cellular repair, making it easier for you to produce fresh skin layers.

Zumba, aerobics, and anything else that gets your heart pumping

One of your body's most important organs is the liver. Alongside your kidneys, it works hard to purify your blood and remove toxins that leave you looking tired. When you engage in fun exercises that encourage blood to flood through your body, you make it easier for toxins to reach the organs that remove them. In other words, you're giving your liver and kidneys a helping hand. Alongside that immediate post-workout glow, you'll develop a long-term strategy that makes your skin glow.

Exercise for healthy skin doesn't have to feel challenging. Realistically, you should engage in 150 minutes of exercise per week to see an overall improvement in your physical health. To make the process fun and enticing, try and vary the approaches you take.

Finally, to bolster your efforts, check out our range of best selling beauty products. Alongside your physical activities, they'll give your body's biggest organ a new lease of life using natural ingredients that rejuvenate and replenish.

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