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The Beauty Gold Rush - why you need gold in your skincare!

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When it comes to skincare, all that glitters is really gold! The superior anti-ageing, rejuvenating and brightening properties of precious gold have been used in beauty rituals for centuries. Empresses in China used crushed gold to restore their complexion, Cleopatra bathed in gold and the Geishas of Japan rubbed gold on their skin for a radiant complexion.   

If luxury and luminosity are your thing, then harness the power of gold in your own skincare routine and enjoy the rush of benefits 


Boost Collagen 

Gold has a high bio-availability which means that it is quickly absorbed by the skin, where it effectively creates a reservoir from inside that fights the breakdown of collagen and skin proteins, slowing the natural depletion of collagen as we age. Plus, its a potent antioxidant, fighting off free radical damage, and has the unique ability to stimulate skin cell electrons to heal, rejuvenate and provide a visible tightening effect. Sign us up! 


Enhance Radiance   
Get ready to glow like never before! Gold boosts circulation to the skin cells which equates to enhanced skin vitality, health and luminosity. When gold absorbs into the skin it immediately reflects light to create a beautiful, shimmery sheen to your complexion. It is also assists other ingredients in your skincare to more readily penetrate the skin barrier for ultimate impact and illumination. 

Support Skin Cell Turnover 

Ions in gold molecules assist in stimulating skin cells, thereby encouraging healthy skin cell turnover. This can be described as metabolically boosting the skin on a cellular level, which improves skin tightness, tone, waste removal and repair, which is not dissimilar to the positive effects which result from giving our body's metabolism a boost! Essentially, gold is like your skin gym. 


Fight Inflammation 

Interestingly, gold has been used medically to reduce inflammation in auto-immune conditions such as arthritis. When it comes to beauty, the anti-inflammatory benefits of gold translate to impressive anti-ageing benefits. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and age spots by slowing the production of pigmentation. Gold also enhances skin cell oxygenation which promotes skin healing, fights bacteria formation and reduces acne flare ups. Hello, glow.  


Live in Luxury   
Gold is associated with feelings of love, rarity and luxury. After all, your beauty routine should be about pampering and indulging yourself. What better way to do this than by adding a daily touch of gold? So go on, treat yourself to some 24k to brighten up your day and step out with a sparkle in your eye! 


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Lolita Walters
Lolita Walters

Lifestyle Writer, B.A. English & Journalism

Lolita is a lover of words and the world, coming from a journalism and health science background. With a self-confessed case of wanderlust, deep passion for writing and zeal for all things natural beauty and wellness, you will usually find this Australian-born lifestyle writer and model chasing summer around the globe. Lolita loves to seek out the best healthy hotspots, organic beauty products and treatments and local knowledge of the places she goes, which she uses as her inspiration to put pen to paper. She splits her time between her two homes, Sydney and Bali, where you will find Lolita heading up the marketing for Edible Beauty, reading and writing, blending up a green smoothie or watching sunset at the beach.

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