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Your Inside Out Guide to Healthy Skin

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

Determining your skin type is the first step to properly caring for your body’s largest organ. You can tell if your face is oily or dry, but “normal” is a bit harder to define.

So let’s break it down: The term is widely used to describe skin that’s well balanced and free of conditions such as acne, rosacea or dermatitis. Basically, it’s the Goldilocks of complexions. And you’ve got it, so congrats.

Just because you have normal skin doesn’t mean you get a free pass when it comes to your regimen. Proper care is essential to maintain good condition. As such it’s important to develop a routine that combines topicals and healthy habits (e.g., eating clean and drinking plenty of H20).


Stage 1: Week 1 - 3

Using our essential core four (cleanser, toner, serum and lotion), plus an eye cream, will ensure your skin stays hydrated, protected and radiant.

  • Cleanse: Washing your face removes impurities and keeps pores clear. Formulas that contain sulfates, parabens or synthetic AHAs and BHAs can change the pH of your skin, leaving it prone to sensitivity, UV damage and premature ageing. Our No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk is free of toxins and other nasties. It maintains barrier strength and encourages youthful skin with a combination of nourishing coconut oil, moisturising zizyphus, brightening fruit extracts and salicylic acid, which purifies without stripping natural oils.
  • Balance: Toning is an often forgotten step in daily routines, but it shouldn’t be. Our No.2 Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist harnesses the powerful astringent properties of may chang to remove excess oil and refine pores. Coupled with stress-relieving calendula and fig, it leaves skin fresh and radiant.
  • Plump and protect: Nourishing and protecting your complexion is essential regardless of your skin type. Our No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum contains hyaluronic acid, which in conjunction with beta glucan helps plump by attracting 1,000 times its weight in water. It’s also supercharged with botanical antioxidants that guard against damage. Edelweiss enhances natural DNA protective actions and blocks UV light absorption, while white tea extract accelerates repair. Kakadu plumthe world’s highest plant-based source of vitamin Cboosts collagen production and brightens.
  • Hydrate: Skipping moisturiser is a major no-no. Our best-selling No.4 Vanilla Silk Lotion is a lightweight blend of camellia seed oil, shea butter, rosella extract, black raspberry and lemon aspen that deeply hydrates, moisturises and supports elasticity.
  • Firm and defend: Your peepers requires a little extra TLC. Our & Gold Rush Eye Cream is formulated with gold leaf, a luxurious ingredient that’s renowned for its ability to brighten, refine fine lines, soothe inflammation and promote collagen productionessential for keeping skin firm and youthful. Passionfruit and blueberry have an abundance of antioxidants to protect against UV and free radical damage.

Stage 2: Week 4+

The secret to youthful skin for years to come? Speeding up cellular turnover and nourishing your complexion with age-reversing vitamins.

  • Encourage cellular renewal: Slowing of the epidermal turnover rate contributes to dullness and loss of fullness. So, it’s critical to kickstart this process in a natural way. Our & Desert Lime Micro-Exfoliant sloughs away dead skin, which increases radiance and softness, and ensures that the active ingredients are penetrating deeply into the skin to work their magic.
  • Promote collagen production: Vitamins A, C and E exert powerful protection against oxidative stress. Snowflower seed oil, the star of our & Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil, exhibits 100 times the antioxidant action of vitamin C, making it wonderful for repair and enhancing collagen production. Jojoba oil is loaded with omegas and vitamin A, which are important for cellular regeneration. It also replenishes natural moisture and potentiates the abilities of vitamin E.
  • Nourish and repair: While you snooze, your body goes into repair mode, so an overnight mask is a must. & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse is packed with healing pink clay, soothing aloe vera, avocado (5 Alpha Avocuta) and glow-getting snowflower seed oil to nourish, replenish moisture, improve barrier function and boost radiance overnight.

Ingredients to Avoid

Sadly, in many cases, the products we use to combat our skin concerns can be the very cause of them. These are the topical ingredients ageing complexions should avoid:

  • Sodium laureth sulfate: Sodium laureth sulfate (commonly added to face wash to make it foam) is what gives skin that squeaky clean feeling. The problem is that it strips skin of its natural oils and leads to over-drying.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is an active ingredient in cleansers, makeup removing wipes, acne treatments and more. The problem is that it breaks down the skin's natural protective barrier, leading to dryness and irritation.
  • Synthetic fragrances: Synthetic fragrances are a major source of irritation for most skin types and are shown to trigger redness and inflammation.
  • Preservatives: Preservatives found in most beauty formulas, including parabens, ethylhexanol and even those claiming to be natural, are among the most common irritants. Instead, we use sodium anisate (derived from aniseed) and sodium levulinate (a cellulose starch) to keep our product stable.


Healthy skin is more than just deep. Targeted nutrition and drinking plenty of water are crucial to keeping your complexion in tip-top shape.

  • Up your antioxidant intake: Antioxidants work on both the inside and outside to protect the body against damage. Top antioxidant-rich foods include maqui (in powder form, it’s awesome in smoothies), kiwi, kakadu plum, and hibiscus (great in tea such as our No.2 Fountain of Youth).
  • Eat more healthy fats: Essential fatty acids are a key component of the skin’s intercellular matrix. Incorporate omega-rich foods like avocados, flax and walnuts into your daily diet. Not only are they tasty, but they help lock in moisture to keep your skin firm, plump and supple. Did you know linoleic acid plays an important role in the skin’s own synthesis  of ceramide, a lipid that’s important for keeping barrier function intact. Bonus: Omegas boost brain and heart health.
  • Keep your liver healthy: Making sure the body is ridding itself of toxins and free radicals is the key to combating damage. Load up on dandelion, cruciferous veggies, turmeric and lemons. And sip on our No.1 Green Goddess Detox throughout the day for a hit of liver-loving herbs.
  • Increase vitamin A and C: Eating a vitamin-rich diet can actually slow down the ageing process. Sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, papaya and melon are great sources of vitamin A. Rev up your vitamin C with kakadu plum, hibiscus and maqui.
  • Pack in protein: Become conscious of your protein intake. Fill your plate with plant-based sources such as hemp seeds, legumes, nuts and seeds. Adequate protein levels ensure you have the building blocks for optimal collagen production and skin repair.
  • Drink more H20: Aim to guzzle at least 2 litres of water daily. You can add lemon juice and chlorophyll to improve hydration. Non-caffeinated, herbal tea like our No.4 Golden Glow Tea is another great option.
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6 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

Image: Hello Glow 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of natural beauty products. However, ACV has long been known as a powerful aid for beauty, wellness and natural living. Hippocrates was prescribing vinegar to his patients as early as the 4th century BC. Today, apple cider vinegar is going through a bit of a revival as more people catch on to the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar for skin and hair, as well as for overall health. People are finding that using this type of vinegar, both externally and internally, can have a huge impact on how you look and feel.

Apple cider vinegar comes from a double fermentation process that leaves a strong tasting liquid, chock full of health promoting nutrients. These include over a dozen minerals, plus vitamins, essential amino acids, and enzymes that have benefits as both an internal medicine and an external antiseptic. Due to the fact that vinegar does contain acid, doctors recommend small doses. You can also use it as an all natural agent to clean surfaces and to help freshen laundry... bonus!


Healthy Weight & Blood Sugar Management

A few studies from Japan, Arizona State University, and elsewhere indicate that small doses of apple cider vinegar can help people trying to control weight or blood sugar. Those with type 2 diabetes especially achieve noticeable results. Vinegar seems to mimic the insulin stimulating action of three major diabetes drugs while also slowing the absorption of sugars into the system.


A Great Source of Antioxidants for Anti-Ageing Benefits

Antioxidants can play a strong role in maintaining good health and staving off chronic disease. They help cells in the body fight the degrading effects of free radicals. Studies have linked free radicals to cancer, heart disease, and other life threatening ailments. Free radicals also speed the ageing process. Experts agree that natural sources of antioxidants, such as apple cider vinegar, give the body the best chance to use fight off the detrimental health and beauty effects of these substances.


It Makes a Great Hair Rinse

Chemical-based hair and scalp products, especially shampoo, disrupt the natural pH level of hair. They strip away natural oils called sebum, which protect both the hair and scalp against fungi that can cause dandruff and other conditions. The acetic acid that composes apple cider vinegar has a pH level close to that of human hair. Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar helps to restore the natural pH balance, protecting your hair and scalp.

Apple cider vinegar can also remove buildup from sprays, gels, and other hair products that remove the natural lustre from hair. Apply the vinegar, leave in for three minutes, then rinse thoroughly to get all that gunk off your hair and scalp. Mix with an essential oil such as Rosemary or Lavender for a softer more heavenly scent.

Finally, apple cider vinegar stimulates blood flow to the scalp and cuticles. Improved blood flow brings needed nutrients to the follicles and hair. This may have the effect of slowing down or stopping hair loss in men and women.

To create an apple cider vinegar hair rinse, follow these directions:

  1. Blend one cup of water with two to four tablespoons of vinegar.
  2. After a thorough shampoo and rinse, slowly pour the vinegar rinse over your entire scalp, allowing it to run down the length of your hair (being careful not to get it in your eyes).
  3. Massage the rinse into the scalp. This may stimulate circulation and hair growth.
  4. After three minutes, rinse out the vinegar.


Touch Up Those Bath Towels

Most people have experienced this problem... At some point bath towels, even when clean, can develop a mildew like odour. No thank you! Add a cup of apple cider vinegar and detergent to a load of towels, sheets, or any clothes. Stop the wash cycle when the washer fills and let the vinegar soak into the fabric for about 15 minutes. Then start the cycle and let it proceed as normal.


Preventing Infections

When Hippocrates practiced medicine almost 2,500 years ago, he did not know about bacteria. He understood, however, that treating wounds with vinegar prevented infections later on. Apple cider vinegar in the environment inhibits or even prevents the growth of bacteria. Experts suggest that when used in air humidifiers, it could help prevent sinus infections. Ingesting it regularly could also reduce the chance of urinary tract infections. Also, Hippocrates used vinegar correctly when diluting with water to treat wounds.

Doctors warn that apple cider vinegar is best used as a preventative treatment. It will not cure infections. Existing infections require antibiotics prescribed by a physician.


Use It as an Inexpensive Surface Cleaner

Preventing infection and illness rank among the most important benefits of apple cider vinegar. A tidy home provides an important line of defense against household illness. Diluting apple cider vinegar with water in a spray bottle produces an effective and inexpensive surface cleaner. The more natural scent, compared to bleach, also makes apple cider vinegar an excellent choice for day to day cleaning.


It's remarkable how much impact simple, natural ingredients can have on our appearance, as well as our wellbeing. Have fun trying out the many benefits of apple cider vinegar. Use it with some of our high-quality, natural skincare products and you have a wonderful foundation for toxin-free living and the marvelously gorgeous skin that comes with it.  

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Three Steps to Eliminate Redness & Rosacea

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

Approximately one in 10 people suffer from the daily battle of dealing with rosacea. Having recently overcome an uncomfortable phase of facial flushing, I have felt compelled to put together my protocol to help you to easily and quickly overcome red and inflamed skin.

STEP ONE: Understand the physiology and triggers. Understanding the mechanism behind your facial flushing and common triggers can arm you with the information you need to overcome the frequency of the outbreaks. Rosacea or facial redness is associated with dilation of small blood vessels in the face. When these vessels become inflamed they result in the face appearing red, often with small papules and feeling hot. The cause can be anything from heat, exercise, hot foods, stress, wind or a change in temperature. Light skin, Genes, Helicobacter Pylori and facial blood vessel abnormalities have all been associated with this condition.

Until you have your rosacea/redness under control (using the steps below) I recommend that you try to avoid foods which have been known to cause an increase of blood flow to the face. Foods which do this include:

  • The Four "C's" - chocolate, citric acid (tomatoes, citrus), caffeine, chilli (and spicy foods)
  • Alcohol
  • Hot drinks
  • Histamine rich foods including yeast, mature cheese, dairy and processed meat

Activities which may trigger your flushing include:

  • Hot baths
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Expose to wind or a change in temperature
  • Stress or anger

If you suspect you may have a parasitic infection, thrush or yeast overgrowth you may wish to have this further examined or seek advice on anti-microbial treatment to address this as there is a strong link between gut health and rosacea (Oregano Oil and Berberine are my favourite anti-microbials for this)

STEP TWO: Topical Aid. When it comes to preventing facial redness from occurring you want to choose skincare products which will reduce the redness, combat inflammation, and provide a strong barrier for the skin so it becomes resilient to increased blood flow.

  • Switch to a milk based cleanser. Dermatologists who treat rosacea will agree that it is best to from a gel based cleanser to a milk based cleanser which will prevent further aggravation of redness and irritation. Our No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk is a calming and hydrating cleansing milk which contains calming botanicals such as Coconut Milk and Zizyphus along with Wattleseed which is rich in amino acids to strengthen and repair.
  • Calm and Repair. Having a product which immediately calms and soothes the skin is a must when it comes to rosacea. Our Soothe Me Balm has an Aloe Vera Gel base which is immediately cooling and calming and also contains botanicals such as Gotu Kola to repair the skin along with Chamomile and Cucumber Extract to calm and reduce inflammation. If your skin is incredibly dry our & Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil is a potent anti-inflammatory which will also assist in hydrating and nourishing. The Snowflower Seed and Kakadu Plum Seed found in the oil are rich in Vitamin C and E which not only strengthen the skin capillaries to reduce flare ups, they are also naturally anti-inflammatory so calm the skin and prevent irritation.
  • Protect and Nourish. The skin needs a strong barrier to protect it from redness triggering elements such as the weather and environmental pollutants. Our & Coco Bliss Intensive Repair Cream is the one product I would say is a must have for anyone suffering from red or unhappy skin. It is rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E which are both anti-inflammatory and redness-reducing. Vitamin B3 works specifically by increasing the production of ceramides and fatty acids which are two key components of the outer barrier of the skin.

STEP THREE: Slow Down. It may seem like an obvious one, but addressing your body's stress response is so important in reducing the incidence of flushing. I love using calming oils such as Lavender and Chamomile on my temples or will pop a few drops on a handkerchief and place this under my pillow. Have a think about whether you may be a bit burnt out - do you need some time out, are your adrenals needing some love and nourishment. Herbs such as Withania and Rhodiola are wonderful adaptogen herbs which assist your body in adapting to stress. Both of these herbs feature in our No. 8 Energise Me tea blend. Botanicals such as Passionflower and Chamomile can calm and soothe both internally and externally. You will find these in our No.3 Sleeping Beauty

blend. If you feel as though you are constantly on the go and need to just slow the pace down we have a few brilliant tips here: Slow Down & Boost Your Health

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Six Ways to Keep Your Sparkle This Holiday Season

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

With social events, entertaining and beach visits on our agendas, if there is ever a time that we want to be sparkling with youth and vitality, it's during the festive holiday period. It can be a challenge maintaining our healthy glow as this time of the year is filled with many unavoidable beauty depleting activities! A lack of sleep, poor diet, the stress of word demands, increased alcohol consumption and dehydration can often leave our skin and body feeling a little lack lustre.

Below we provide six inside out beauty tips to keep you sparkling this Christmas season:

Glorious Greens. If you are going a bit overboard with sugar and alcohol, ensure you are balancing this all out by having at least a bowl or two of greens. Greens, in particular bitter greens such as arugula, rocket, radicchio, rocket leaves, dandelion, spinach, chicory and mustard leaves are wonderful liver toners. They also help to increase the creation and flow of bile, the substance that removes waste from the organs and blood. Bitter greens will assist you in digesting your food, in particular fats so munch on a few leaves before your meal, and they will act as a great aperitif. Greens are also rich in folate and B vitamins which are essential for your body’s energy and detoxification pathways which tend to become compromised in the holiday season.

Intermittent Fasting. When eating excessive calories on a daily basis, as tends to happen during the holiday period, our hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, can become imbalanced which reduces our ability to burn fat. Intermittent fasting for one or two days of the week during the holiday season can be a great way to reset your hunger hormones and increase your metabolism even if you are over indulging. Fasting may involve restricting calories on one or two days of the week and eating normally on other days or restricting caloric intake between a certain time e.g. between 12 pm to 8 pm.

Liquid Beauty Boosters.  Increasing water intake is something we all know we must do to keep our skin moist and dewy and our body’s detoxification and digestive system intact. Supercharging water with antioxidant rich botanicals makes it work even better for you. During the holiday season iced versions of our Edible Beauty No.2 Fountain of Youth Tea and No.1 Green Goddess Detox Tea are refreshing, hydrating and a treat for the skin and liver. To make iced versions of these blends, just brew them as normal and refrigerate infused with berries, sliced citrus and herbs.

Mask It. Late nights, sugar and alcohol consumption show up in our complexion. Sleeping masks are literally an overnight beauty fix when it comes to dull, red or lack lustre skin. We love using the Edible Beauty & Coco Bliss Intensive Repair Mask to boost the plumpness of the skin, reduce redness and bring back a youthful glow. Apply this all over the face in the evening as a thick layer and do not remove it. You will wake fresh faced and in awe of this miracle mask. The secret ingredients in this mask include B vitamins and Vitamin E which work to repair the skin, reduce inflammation and eliminate redness. If acne or sunburn is affecting your golden glow, use the Edible Beauty Soothe Me Balm as a leave on mask at night. Aloe gel, Cucumber, Calendula and Chamomile in this blend work to calm the skin, balance oil production and heal scarring and sunburn.

Sweat It Out. Whether it be hitting the gym, having an infra-red sauna or sweating it out at the beach, building up a sweat is a wonderful gift for your skin. It allows the skin pores to open which releases the build up inside them. Toxins that can clog pores and plague the skin with pimples and blemishes are purged through the action of sweating. Circulation is also increased to the peripheries and skin cells which boost skin cell turnover. These skin benefits only apply to mild or moderate sweating.

Bright Eyed. Giving your eyes a pick me up is as easy as a providing them with a caffeine hit. Dip cotton pads in iced black coffee or cold Edible Beauty No.6 Puff Away Tea and apply over closed lids for 10 to 20 minutes. Caffeine found in both coffee and our Puff Away Blend acts to constrict blood vessels to diminish discolouration and reduce puffiness.

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