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Beauty on the Fly - 5 Simple Ways to Travel-Proof Your Skin!

Posted by Lolita Walters on

'Tis the season to travel. Set aside the glam of the party season or the chance to finally sit back and relax on a beach somewhere, long haul flights and aeroplane food unfortunately do not make good friends with gorgeous glowing holiday skin.

So, what's a jetsetter to do? Read on to follow these 5 easy beauty hacks to ensure you arrive at your destination fresh-faced and radiant, and return from your trip dripping with post holiday glow factor.

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    This Is Why Your Skin Needs Probiotics Too!

    Posted by Anna Mitsios on

    The benefit of topical probiotic application includes reducing inflammation, rebuilding the skin barrier, reducing signs of accelerated ageing and giving our collagen levels a boost to create the smooth glowing complexion we are entitled to!

    We take our gut health seriously by ensuring our gut bacteria is kept balanced and healthy and taking probiotics when it is not in check. However, we are not as religious about the health of our skin bacteria, which are equally as “alive” and craving our assistance.

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    Six Ways to Make Your Skincare Work Harder for You

    Posted by Anna Mitsios on

    When it comes to skincare, we want to be absolutely certain that the money and time invested in the products and regime we are following are working as effectively as possible. Did you know that extracting the maximum value from our current routine can be as easy as tweaking a few of our habitual practices? Here we spill the details on six easy ways to make your skincare work harder for you...
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    Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe

    Posted by Anna Mitsios on

    Image: Ascension Kitchen

    It is always incredibly exciting to find a recipe that is not only a guilt-free treat but is also highly nutritious one and gives our skin and taste buds a boost simultaneously. These healthy vegan brownies we have created use sweet potato and nut butter as their primary ingredients. Sweet potato is an often forgotten super food for the skin. It is rich in fibre, which helps to slow down blood sugar and insulin spikes (often linked to over active sebaceous gland) and is also jam packed with vitamin C which helps to boost collagen production along with beta carotene and vitamin A, both important antioxidants in fighting the signs of ageing and protecting the skin against free radical damage, in particular from sun exposure.

    These brownies have a gooey and fudgy texture which will leave you coming back for an extra serve or two!


    Makes: 12 brownies


    • 1 medium sweet potato
    • 4 tablespoons water
    • 1 cup organic peanut butter, smooth or almond butter
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon 
    • 1/4 cup rice flour 
    • 1/2 cup 70%+ dark chocolate chips + 3 tablespoons
    • 1 vanilla bean scraped
    • 2/3 cup coconut sugar
    • 2/3 cup of walnuts or pecans
    • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
    • 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 
    • Pinch of salt
    • Optional: sprinkle of dried rose petals or our & Rose Puerrh Beauty Tea to garnish


    • Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Line a 25 cm square tin with parchment paper.
    • To make sweet potato puree, peel sweet potato and cut into large chunks. Place in saucepan of boiling water and boil until easily pierced (about 15 minutes). Blend with water until smooth. Allow to cool.
    • Place nut butter in saucepan and gently heat until it becomes easy to stir. 
    • In a glass bowl, add nut butter to sweet potato and vanilla bean extract Whisk by hand until smooth.
    • In a separate bowl add all dry ingredients and stir well. Ensure you sieve the cacao and flour and incorporate the baking powder throughout the dry mix.
    • Add dry ingredients into wet sweet potato mix and mix well. 
    • Spoon batter into prepared baking tin. Smooth evenly using flat part of knife.
    • Place in oven and bake for 25 minutes in center rack of oven.
    • Sprinkle brownies with chocolate chips.  The brownies may come out looking wet and gooey but should firm up overnight or if placed in the fridge.
    • Optional: before serving, make your brownies extra pretty with a light sprinkle of dried rose petals or rose tea on the top.

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    Meet Felicity Evans from Imbibe Living

    Posted by Lolita Walters on

    Felicity Evans is the founder and driving force behind Imbibe Living, a health company born on the benefits of probiotics, specialising in water kefir.

    Felicity is an entrepreneur and leader in the gut health movement in Australia, yet she is also a dedicated wife and mother, who does a wonderful job at balancing family and work life. 

    Edible Beauty chatted to this self-proclaimed alchemist, to find out more about her flourishing business, health and beauty philosophies and favourite ingredient.


    What inspired you to start Imbibe living?

    My daughters. I had a health crisis after the birth of my baby and I wasn’t living life to the full – I needed more energy to keep up with them and live as vibrantly as I knew I could. 

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired I started my research phase which introduced me to the importance of gut health for overall wellness, so I started to make as many gut healing drinks – called water kefir.

    I was amazed at the results! My energy returned, my digestion was better, the bloating went away and I seriously felt incredible.

    I started my kitchen trials, making this probiotic rich drink and perfecting it and before long a health food store invited me to range in store. And the rest has been trying to keep up with a growing family and business!


    What are three of your favourite tips for detoxing on the inside and out? 

    1. Externally I love to dry brush before a shower to stimulate lymphatic flow and get the largest organ of the body – the skin – working to detox naturally and easily.
    1. Activated Coconut Charcoal in the Imbibe “Be Daring” variety. The combination of living probiotics and activated coconut charcoal work to help heal the gut and remove toxins from the body leaving you looking and feeling your best.
    1. I’m a total tea fanatic – if I could wear it like a dress I would! That’s why I love the Green Goddess Detox tea – I seriously do! Its full of detoxing and liver loving ingredients like St Mary’s Thistle, Schizandra, Dandelion and Nettle. Get into it! Plus it tastes amazing!!


    Have you always been an entrepreneur? How has your journey brought you to where you are today?

    Looking back, I can see I have always been an entrepreneur – I have dabbled in Mexican textiles and jewellery, performing arts classes and event management – but the creation of Imbibe fits smack bang into my core values of health and wellness and I’m loving the ride and learning so much every day.

    The journey has been twisted with many ups and downs – and its on the days you are ready to get a “normal” job that is less demanding that you have to come back to your WHY and realise that I’m in it for the long haul, and to take one day at a time. It’s taught me patience and allowing things to unfold naturally.


    What is your hero ingredient and why?

    100% Beetroot. It’s a seriously undervalued little vegetable. Apart from the amazing colour and the crisp and fresh taste, it’s an incredible super food. I ferment a batch of beet kvass each week and devour it for it’s live and skin loving properties.

    I also use a certified organic beetroot powder in the Imbibe Water Kefir range to add more nutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients to the elixir. It also adds a gorgeous natural sweetness.


    What does inner beauty mean to you?

    Inner beauty is being kind to yourself and others.

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