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New year, new skin: 5 products to beat acne in 2019

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

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Whether it is stress, hormone imbalances, poor diet choices or a genetic predisposition that is causing your acne, there are natural products that can help quickly and effectively. These products work in four ways, addressing the underlying physiological concerns contributing to break outs:

  1. Balancing of over production of oil creates a build up of oil and bacteria, clogging pores and leading to breakouts.
  2. Anti-microbial action preventing breakouts and redness and swelling
  3. Liver and hormone support to address difficulties clearing hormones and an imbalance of hormones which trigger an excess in sebum production
  4. Soothing, calming and hydrating action to nourish the skin and ease inflammation

Here are our 5 favourite topical products for healing acne and what our customer’s are saying about them:

1) No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk is a gentle coconut milk based cleanser which is perfect for inflamed and irritated skin. Coconut Oil balances oil production which is critical in the control of acne. It is also "non-foaming" which is important when it comes to controlling acne. It means that the skin is not stripped of its "acid-mantle" which acts as a barrier, protecting the skin from microbes and toxins that can flare acne.  Salicylic Acid works to unclog pores and prevent bacterial build up, reducing the tendency for breakouts.                        
What our customers are saying:
"I’m in love! I was a little afraid to use this in the begging as my skin is acneic. There was no need to worry it’s brilliant.
The foaming cleansers I used to use made my face too clean meaning stripping my skin which leads to more breakouts. My skin loves this cleanser. It feels so lovely on the skin and really does it’s job." - Arkay 


2) & Soothe Me Balm

The ultimate restoring balm for unhappy acne prone skin. Soothe Me Balm is an ultra-soothing gel which contains botanical extracts and oils with potent soothing, regenerating and anti-microbial properties. This balm will reduce the redness, inflammation and irritation associated with acne, provide antimicrobial support to prevent flare ups and starts the skin's healing and restoration process.  
What our customers are saying:
"My saviour. This incredible gel like balm in a jar seriously helped my skin after I tried some new skincare and broke out like crazy. It feels very cooling when applied and quickly absorbs, and then doesn't feel like anything on the skin, whilst still creating a kind of barrier and still moisturising it. I use it on my face instead of a moisturiser as it was recommended for my acne prone skin and also on any eczema patches I get on my hands if required (or anywhere else on my body that requires a bit of soothing). This is great post laser hair removal on my face! A wonderful product. A gem!" - Victoria I.


3) No.1 Green Goddess Tea

The liver is one of the most important players in dictating the health of our skin. A liver under excess load will results in excess hormone build up and an over load of toxins being released through the skin which manifests as acne. Loading up on bitter herbs (dandelion, lemon, vinegar, rocket), cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Asian greens, Brussels sprouts) and teas formulated with liver herbs is the easiest way to support the liver. The No. 1 Green Goddess Detox Tea contains an abundance of liver-loving herbs including St Mary’s Thistle, Schizandra and Dandelion Root which work to detoxify and repair your liver, getting to the root cause of your acne woes.
What our customers are saying:
"GORGEOUS TEA! If you're unsure about purchasing this tea, don't be. Not only does it smell and taste absolutely wonderful, but it does what's promised! I know results may or may not vary on the individual, but I personally experienced results of this blend after my second cup. I've never ever drank a tea that's made me actually feel beautiful. I struggled constantly with acne on my forehead. I had temporary remedies for it, but it always came back. Now it's gone. This tea is just wonderful! I have one serving of this beautiful blend every morning and enjoy the benefits…" - Whitney 


4) No. 4 Golden Glow Tea

Regulating hormones is a critical factor in controlling acne. This complexion tea contains red clover and liquorice which work to support hormones which can often become imbalanced when acne is present. It also contains the wonderful lymphatic herbs Burdock and Cleavers which work to detoxify and cleanse the blood.
What our customers are saying:
"I have been taking No. 4 Tea for almost 2 weeks now. I enjoy the flavour and also enjoy other people commenting on how nice my skin looks!" - Jennifer C


5) & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse

An imbalance of hormones can often be what perpetuates the cycle of breakouts and clogged pores. This detoxifying sleep mask is designed for use three times a week. Australian pink clay and volcanic zeolite draw out impurities and unclog pores. Avocado oil penetrates to the deeper epidermis layers to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT (one of the hormones responsible for overactive sebaceous glands), balance sebum production and reduce greasiness.
What our customers are saying:
"After using this mask I looked in the mirror and said “wow” - I thought I was dreaming! The last four years I’ve been suffering from post menopausal acne and rosacea. Each new system I would try would be just ok, plateau, followed by more breakouts. This amazing mask has calmed everything down quite dramatically and I see quite a lot of my acne healing already. My skin looks and feels so much better and is soft and smooth.This is a jar of pure magic." - Ramona

Some Inside Beauty Tips:

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  • Stock up on fibre: Clear skin starts with a healthy gut. Fibre is crucial for maintaining digestive function, balancing hormones and combating acne. Some of our favourite fibre-rich foods are lentils, almonds and flaxseed.
  • Avoid sugar, dairy and alcohol:Skin is very sensitive to changes in insulin. High levels stimulate sebum production, which leads to breakouts. Surges are triggered by consuming sugar, dairy and alcohol (hence why you often get blemishes after an indulgent weekend). If you reduce your intake of these foods, your skin will thank you. Stick to a low glycaemic index diet to improve blood sugar and insulin control. Consider herbs such as gymnema, goats rue and chromium for oily and acne-prone skin linked to PCOS and hormone imbalances.
  • Opt for functional foods: Upping your intake of certain nutrients is a wonderful way to reduce acne. Here are three of our favourites:
    • Zinc: Not only is zinc responsible for moderating sebum levels, it's also effective at balancing hormones, regulating insulin and reducing the body’s inflammatory response to bacteria. Zinc-rich foods include garbanzo beans, seeds (hemp, pumpkin, sunflower), oatmeal, tofu, and spinach.
    • Vitamin A: Vitamin Ais crucial when it comes to a healthy complexion. It's responsible for the natural shedding of the skin cells, which helps keep pores clear. Up your dose of Vitamin A by filling your plate with pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, apricot, squash and dark leafy greens.
    • Fermented foods:Probiotic-rich fermented foods are shown to improve acne by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Sauerkraut, miso and kefir are musts. You can also take a probiotic supplement to strengthen your microbiome.
    • Hormone harmony: Regulating hormones is an important factor in controlling acne. Our  4 Golden Glow Tea contains red clover and liquorice, which work to support hormone balance, plus lymphatic herbs burdock and cleavers to detoxify and cleanse. Upping your intake of fibre also helps.

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