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Beauty & Health Rituals with Yuki Thomas, founder of Soulara

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The glowing Yuki Thomas is the founder behind Australian plant-based meal delivery service Soulara. We sat down with her to take a peek inside the rituals she practices on a typical evening though to morning. With a balanced, holistic attitude to life, she offers inspiration from her nutrition and beauty routines, to how an entrepreneur lines up a successful work day.

Evening beauty protocol?

Every evening I massage a gentle calming cleanser that doesn’t strip all the natural oils from my face. I like to then use a ginseng face mask that nourishes, hydrates and energises my skin. I use a moisturiser made from silky broccoli essence or the Edible Beauty Deep Sea Collagen Elixir. I finish off with an eye cream that soothes puffiness and my fine lines.

What is your bedtime routine?

After a shower, I love to have a hot cup of tea every night - either a chamomile or ginger and lemongrass - to get me warmed up and sleepy. I like to catch up on my reading time for about an hour and then meditate for about 15-20 minutes before I snuggle into bed for a good night’s sleep.

What are your favourite items in your bedroom?

My bedroom window; it’s a feature more than an item but I really love looking out of it because it looks over the water and has an ever-changing view. I love basking in the warmth that comes through here from the afternoon sun.

I like to keep my bedroom clutter-free for a clear headspace, but it is home to my beanie dog toy Poche, who is a constant reminder of my childhood dreams.


What is the first thing you do on waking?

I make my pea protein shake before doing my 20-minute morning yoga and stretching ritual out on the balcony. 

I don’t go a morning without my pre-breakfast protein shake which I load up with fresh fruit for a good dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!

Morning beauty routine?

I wash my face first thing in the morning with a gentle gel cleanser, then moisturise and use a natural SPF 50+ sunscreen - my non-negotiable for keeping my skin protected while I’m out and about.

What’s your best kept beauty secret when you need an extra boost?

Balanced plant-based nutrition has been my skin’s saving grace. I couldn’t believe how much my skin cleared up after cutting back on all the highly processed foods at the start of my plant-based journey.

Today I’m all about vegetables and plant-based protein sources like tempeh, tofu, legumes and nuts; they’re all so versatile, so I never get bored. I also make sure to keep hydrated not just with water, but with water-rich foods like cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit.

How about exercise?

I swear by my morning vinyasa yoga and stretch sessions to get my blood flowing. I usually hit the gym twice a week with my trainer, and when I have the time, I try to exercise out in nature on the weekend. I love hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, you name it!  

How do you organise / prepare your work day?

My morning yoga ritual gives me the chance to set my intentions and mood for the day - which I always intend to be a positive one.

Before heading to the office I’ll spend an hour or so getting on top of work emails. So that I don’t get overwhelmed, I segment my time for the day, week, month and months ahead by addressing tasks in order of priority. I find the Trello task management app really helpful and it’s desktop and mobile-friendly.

What is your mid-morning pick me up (drink, food, activity)? 

Mid-morning I’ll have a Soulara chia pudding with coconut yoghurt; I find the high fibre content gives me a steady energy release...and it tastes like sago, but it’s so healthy you can eat it for breakfast! On the days I’m working out with my trainer, I’ll have porridge for some quality carbs to help fuel my muscles. I’m trying to get stronger!

I’ve recently also switched to decaf coffee, but a Soulara Kombucha helps put some pep in my step without being dehydrating or giving me the caffeine jitters.


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