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Anna's day on a plate: this is exactly what a naturopath eats!

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

Edible Beauty Australia's founder Anna Mitsios is much more than a natural skincare expert. As an experienced naturopath and nutritionist, Anna is a wealth of knowledge on making sure what we put into our bodies is setting us up to have natural energy each day and an inside out glow.

While everyone's nutritional needs are a bit different, here Anna shares exactly what a typical day on her plate looks like to ensure she's feeling and looking her best, plus has the fuel to lead her busy and active lifestyle. Something we can all take note of: plenty of vegetables and superfoods!


"I love starting the day with a boost of energising and nourishing superfoods. I tend to either make a smoothie on a base of almond milk and whiz it in a pocket rocket or drink a concentrated shot of health powders, which is intense but I love the energy it provides! I blend maca powder, a green superfood powder with broken cell wall chlorella and spirulina, sunflower lecithin, along with our Native Plant-Based Collagen powder and a tablespoon of coconut kefir. This literally provides a hit of hormone balancing, cleansing, detoxifying, collagen-boosting, gut-healing and anti-inflammatory nutrients in one quick and easy shot.

Morning Tea

"I usually snack on a piece of seasonal fruit or a bowl of berries, which is great for increasing antioxidant intake."


"I really enjoy sticking to salads for lunch and will often have a kelp noodle, carrot and zucchini salad with plenty of lettuce and rocket, along with a herb dressing and flaxseed or rosemary crackers for additional crunch. I add a huge dollop of hummus to the salad and chickpeas or lentils for additional plant-based protein. I also have a handful of "salad sprinkles" at hand that I can use to provide additional texture, flavour and nourishment. The sprinkles or toppers can include savoury nutritional yeast flakes, nori strips, hemp seeds or activated pumpkin seeds. I am lucky that my sister Julie, who is an incredible plant-based chef, often joins me for lunch. Since owning her own living food cafe Earth to Table, she has a repertoire of incredible recipes and the and zucchini noodle salad is one of her creations which I absolutely love!"

Afternoon Tea

"In the afternoon I really love having the No.5 White Chai Digestif Tea with a splash of almond milk. I like to enjoy this with a vegan protein bar too, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent the dreaded afternoon energy slump. I try to make these bars myself with a mix of almond butter and vegan protein powder and goji berries but sometimes I go through them too fast and don't get the chance to make more in time. My favourite store bought brand is Planet Food."


"I like having a hot dinner and have a few options I usually alternate between. I always recommend that my clients aim to eat 3 cups of hard veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, green beans, Asian greens etc.) and 3 cups of salad greens. I try to get my salad green quota in at lunch time and the harder veggie at dinner. I will either have my veggies steamed or roasted and occasionally lightly stir-fried. I add either tempeh strips or a lentil rissole to this along with a dollop of either pesto or hummus. If I am craving something a little salty I will mix in a few tablespoons of sea vegetables like arame or hijiki, which I always have at hand. This provides a wonderful iodine and iron boost."

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