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Six Ways to Make Your Skincare Work Harder for You

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When it comes to skincare, we want to be absolutely certain that the money and time invested in the products and regime we are following are working as effectively as possible. Did you know that extracting the maximum value from our current routine can be as easy as tweaking a few of our habitual practices? Here we spill the details on six easy ways to make your skincare work harder for you...

  1. Patience is a virtue. We are often asked how long to wait in between applying products. Whilst there is no specific set amount of time that you need to wait, ensuring that one product is dry before applying the next ensures that all of the products are using are being absorbed properly.
  2. Use a damp skin surface. The best time to apply any of your skincare is just after your bath or shower when your face is warm and damp. This provides the perfect slate for the absorption of active ingredients into your skin. It also means products lock in moisture more effectively.
  3. Order of application. The order of applying products on your skin is important as it ensures the most effective absorption and activation of the products you are using. We have a simple number system for our Core 4 which makes this easy. In general if you are able to use a cleanser followed by a toner, serum and lotion (day cream or night cream - this is our No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion and & Coco Bliss Intensive Repair). Always use a clean slate to start i.e. cleanse as this will ensure your products are best absorbed. Using a toner before your serum can make serum actives work more effectively for you.  Use oils on your face last to lock in moisture and exfoliate before you cleanse as this will ensure dead skin cells and grit are removed making your cleanser work more efficiently
  4. Sometimes less is best. We are often led to believe that more of something is better for us. This does not apply to skincare, in particular lotions. Applying too much product on the skin can lead to clogged pores and to less of the active ingredients of the skin being absorbed. Start off with just a small amount, enough for light coverage and absorption.
  5. Activate your products. To activate your skincare lotion or serum, warm it by rubbing it gently in between your hands and then apply it. Use circular motions for your lotions and cleansers as this enhances blood flow. Use a light tapping motion under the eye are to ensure the delicate skin here is not irritated.

  6. Don't forget the neck. A beautiful dècolletage ensures a youthful appearance and the neck is often forgotten about when it comes to skin care application. Use any product that you use on your face also on your neck be it your cleanser, lotion, serum or mask. This will ensure that both your face and neck are wrinkle-free zones.

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