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Why We Love Oil Based Cleansers

Posted by Anna Mitsios on

When it comes to old school skin care advice, one of the classic recommendations is to avoid cleansers containing oil as they are thought to predispose one to more acne, grease and oil build up. Our No. 1 Belle Frais Cleanser provides wonderful evidence against this advice. In this article we provide you with five good reasons why you should start using an oil based cleanser in your beauty routine.

  1. Impurities are removed. There is a concept of like removing like when it comes to oil removing oil on the skin. The oil found in oil based cleanser does not actually clog pores further – rather it works to lift and remove existing oil on the skin. When the oil found in oil-based cleansers is massaged into the skin, it binds to the surface impurities and allows them to be swept away with the good oil and bad oil being removed along with any dirt and unwanted impurities on the skin.
  2. Moisture balance is maintained. When we use many oil based cleansers they actually strip much of the precious moisture found on the skin which means that the natural oils within the skin are removed and the body is forced to produced extra oil in order to balance this loss, resulting in – you guessed it –  more oil! This is a process of overcompensation by the body to address a loss of its natural moisture balance. By using natural plant based oils to remove impurities we actually provide the skin with the natural oils and hydration that it needs.
  3. Antibacterial action.  Essential oils and the coconut oil most often used in cleansers contain natural antibacterial action. In the case of coconut oil this is mono-lauric acid. This acts to cleanse the skin of microbes and prevent the break out of acne associated with bad bacterial. The beauty of this is that is all done naturally yet therapeutically without the drying effect of chemical antimicrobials.
  4.  It is Edible. Coconut oil, the oil found in our Belle Frias Cleanser, is pure and good enough to put in your mouth which is as we like it! Both in your mouth and on your body it acts an abundant source of fatty acids that are uniquely formed to deeply moisturize, hydrate, and condition the skin. Rich in polyphenols and vitamins A, C and E, coconut oil is a potent anti-ageing nutrient promoting collagen production and deeply penetrating the skin to promote lasting hydration.
  5. It feels Divine. After using an oil based cleanser the skin feels nourished and nurtured. It is not only silky and fresh but feels hydrated and ultra-loved.


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