4 of your top health and beauty problems solved with tea


We often try so hard to “fix” our skincare issues on the outside, when all we really need to do is pay a bit of attention to what our body is telling us about what we need to do to look after it on the inside. As you may know I am huge advocate for herbs and nutrition as a way to address common health concerns. Below I share a few tips on how to solve a few frustrating beauty set backs using herbal tea.

The problem: Breakouts around your forehead and in between your brows

What it means: Breakouts across the top of your face may be a sign that your liver is not happy! In traditional Chinese medicine, pimples which pop up on your forehead are related to the digestive system and mean that your body is having trouble processing and breaking down fats. If the pimples are clustering around the middle of your eye brows this directly relates to the liver and may indicate your liver is on the sluggish side and is having trouble clearing toxins from the body.

The tea fix:  No.1 Green Goddess Detox. The liver is one of the most important organs when it comes to digestion.  It is responsible for the production of bile which is crucial for the digestion of fats.  It is important to look after the liver on a regular basis rather than regularly abusing it and then going on a “Detox” once or twice a year. I recommend drinking this blend an essential morning cuppa daily or two to three times a day if you suspect your liver needs an extra helping hand. There are a few superstar liver herbs that I love in this blend including St Mary’s Thistle and Dandelion Root. Both of these herbs are incredibly powerful when it comes to the health of the liver. They work in three ways- to assist and enhance the function of the liver in flushing accumulated toxins, to repair the liver cells from previous damage done and to protect the liver from future assaults. This tea also contains Ginger which helps to stimulate saliva, bile and gastric juice production to aid in digestion. 

Other tips: There is nothing too complicated about looking after your liver. Drinking more water, increasing greens and bitter foods (think dandelion root, kale, Asian greens, rocket) along with reducing or eliminating the consumption of “occasional” foods such as dairy, fried foods, high Glycaemic index foods and sugar will definitely help your liver to lighten the load. Read our blog post on liver loving foods here.


The problem: Your skin is red and inflamed due to stress and no sleep

What it means: Your body is producing excess cortisol and insulin which can both play havoc with skin’s oil production and also lead to a rush of blood through your blood vessels/capillaries making your skin red and irritated.

The tea fix: Our No.3 Sleeping Beauty Tea may help to calm and soothe you during the day and before bedtime, so that a restful night's sleep comes easier. This tea contains herbs traditionally used as anxiolytics and nervous system nourishing tonics. Passionflower is traditionally used for its ability to ease anxiety, calm the nervous system and promote sleep. Chamomile is famously relaxing and calming, whilst Lemon Balm may help to soothe the tummy and ease nervous tension.

Other tips: Learning to stop spreading yourself thin is an art but works wonders when applied. Being realistic about what you can achieve daily and having a comforting sleep routine including tea, meditation and relaxing music can sometimes be all it takes to promote restful and rejuvenating sleep. Read more tips on how to get a wonderful shut-eye here.


The problem: You are holding on to excess water

What it means: Holding on to excess water can be a sign of inflammation, hormone imbalance, poor circulation, kidney weakness or even histamine intolerance.

The tea fix: Our No.6 Puff Away tea contains Guayusa, Dandelion Leaf and Juniper Berry, which are traditional herbs used to support kidney health, which in turn may help to revive tired eyes and skin. We also recommend seeking medical advice if you are experiencing unusual fluid retention and swelling.

Other tips: Ensure you are getting plenty of physical activity, drinking plenty of water daily and that your sodium intake is paired back (foods high in sodium may surprise you, they include protein drinks, canned foods, bread and soy sauce/miso). If you suspect a kidney issue or histamine intolerance consult with a medical professional for more help.


The problem: Your cholesterol is creeping up

What it means: High cholesterol and high blood pressure are often inherited, but they can definitely be lowered naturally. Often the liver is once again having trouble breaking down and clearing cholesterol from the body or

The tea fix:  Puerh tea found in our & Rose Pu-erh blend is a fermented tea and one of the most valuable teas in China, known for its health boosting benefits. There is interest in using pu-erh tea for lowering cholesterol as it contains small amounts of a compound called lovastatin. Lovastatin is a prescription medicine used for lowering cholesterol. Research suggests that pu-erh tea might lower certain blood fats called triglycerides as well as total and “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol as well as raising “good” high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Pu-erh is also thought to work on breaking down and synthesising fats, speeding up their removal from the body.  

Other tips: We recommend looking after your liver with nourishing greens, alkalising drinks such as green juices and lemon in water, fibre (aim for at least 30 grams daily- oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds and nuts are great sources) and plenty of water.

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Anna Mitsios

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy. Adv. Dip. Nutrition. B.Com (Honours)

Anna is a certified naturopath and nutritionist and founder of leading Australian natural skincare and wellness company, Edible Beauty Australia. Anna has been featured in various publications including Mind Body Green, Women’s Health and Allure. She is committed to the natural transformation of her client’s skin using proven botanicals, nutrients and herbal formulations, both on the inside and out.  

Anna’s career began in the corporate sector, where she specialised in corporate finance and private banking for over ten years working in Sydney and New York for a large Australian bank. Anna’s career change was sparked by her own health journey, following a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at 18 years of age.  Her diagnosis triggered her intense study of botanicals and nutrition to manage auto-immune condition and assist others in attaining optimal health. Anna’s naturopathy career has included working as a naturopath within a reputable natural fertility clinic in Sydney, within a pharmacy and health food store and running her own naturopathy practice. 

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