Essential Skincare Tips For Your Baby

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Our baby’s skin can be more prone to skin conditions with their delicate skin leaving them susceptible to nappy rash, irritation and cradle crap. Caring for your baby’s skin need not be daunting. Below I provide a few tips on how to identify and treat some common baby skincare conditions.

Baby’s Bottoms

Our baby’s bottom area is exposed to friction, moisture and bacteria which all can irritate a baby’s skin. To take care of this sensitive area, change your baby’s napper often. Cleanse the area gently with Edible Bubba Vanilla Dream Baby Oil and a damp washcloth.

Let your baby “air out” when possible, and use a barrier cream such as our Coco Baby Bottom Creme before putting on a new nappy or diaper.

Soften Cradle Cap

To gently remove the symptoms of cradle cap start by gently softening it and massaging a baby oil, such as Vanilla Dream Baby Oil into the hair and scalp. Leave the oil on for a few minutes to help to loosen the crusty patches. Then use a fine-toothed comb and clean your baby's scalp. Wash using a gentle baby wash such as Edible Bubba Orange Blossom Hair & Body Wash and then follow with an application of Edible Bubba Cucumber Soothing Balm.


Bathing Your Bubba

Our bubba’s skin does not need to be bathed daily. Bathing too frequently i.e. more than three times per week during the first year of life -- removes the natural oils that protect baby's skin. This may leave our baby's skin vulnerable and dry whilst also exacerbating conditions such as eczema.

Use a gentle baby body wash such as Edible Bubba Orange Blossom Hair & Body Wash. Better still add a baby oil such as Edible Bubba Vanilla Dream Baby Oil to your baby’s bath. This will nourish and protect your baby’s delicate skin.    

Gently Gently

Using fragranced products and mineral oils on your bubba’s skin leaves them more prone to irritation. It is best to use toxin-free baby products especially in their first year of life.

Wash Before Use

Wash all of your baby’s clothing, bedding, towels and sheets prior to use. It is best to use only baby laundry detergents that are fragrance- and dye-free.

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