Why You Need To Be Using Edible Baby Skincare Products

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We take great care in choosing our own skincare products based on them being gentle, pure and toxin-free.

However when it comes to our babies, this becomes even more critical.

Baby skin is characterized by being sensitive, thin and fragile which makes it important to consider what we are putting on it. Baby skin has:

  • Higher skin permeability than adults being up to five times more permeable. If adult skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it, it becomes even more critical to use only edible products on our babies’ skin.
  • A less effective barrier function than adult skin. As a consequence, there is greater transepidermal water loss and increased absorption of chemicals increasing tendency to infections and toxicity.
  • A higher PH than adult skin which reduces protection against infection and microbial growth.
  • A higher surface/body volume ratio making it even more critical to reduce toxin exposure.

 Edible Bubba has taken into account the delicate and precious nature of our baby’s skin.

We are the first baby skin care range with products so pure and nutrient-rich that you could literally eat them. If it is not good enough to eat then we will not put in our baby products.

This means that we have eliminated the common nasties along with alcohol, preservatives, zinc oxide, benzyl alcohol, mineral oils, beeswax, lanolin and artificial fragrances which are often found in “natural” baby products.

Try our Edible Bubba range today and allow yourself and your baby the opportunity to indulge in Edible Bubba bliss.

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